Useful Facts for Homeowners to Know About Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar water heaters have come a long way to become a reliable technology for domestic hot water provision. The system is arguably the most economical and efficient, ensuring a reduction in household energy bills. At the heart of a solar water heater system arethermal collectors installed on the roof to capture the sun's radiation. In turn, the radiation is used to heat water. Here are valuable facts to consider before buying thermal collectors for a residential solar water heater system. [Read More]

3 Things To Ascertain When Organising Energy Audit For Your Home

With the cost of electricity soaring in Australia, it's no wonder that homeowners want to conduct energy audits to check and optimise their power consumption. An energy audit will help to identify power-consuming appliances and improve productivity, which can bring down your electricity bills dramatically. Some energy audits are paid for, while others may be provided free of cost. Here are some things to ascertain when organising an energy audit for your home. [Read More]

How to build a home that's eco-friendly

Most people nowadays are far more aware of their impact on the environment than they once were; as a result, many are trying their best to lessen the negative effect their actions have on the planet. One way in which people are doing this is by taking a more eco-friendly approach to the house building process; building in a 'greener' manner not only helps the environment, but can also reduce homeowners' future energy bills. [Read More]

Four Tips to Help You Choose a Drift Eliminator for Your Cooling Tower

Drift eliminators are important parts in a cooling tower. They prevent the loss of water that may carry chemicals or minerals into the atmosphere and direct mist or droplets back into the cooling tower. Drift eliminators accomplish this feat by making mist and water droplets change direction and lose velocity as they attempt to leave the tower. When buying this spare part for your cooling tower, there are several things you should keep in mind: [Read More]